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28 SPECIAL MACHINE WITH BOLLEB BEAJEUNGS only for adjusting running clearance, instead of having to strip down and file faces as in the standard two-piece type of bearing.

These bearings, which are used where loading and speeds are high and where the elimination of friction is of paramount importance, are very fully described and illustrated. .1619 Introduction Friction Journal bearings Thrust bearings Floating bushes Lathe bear- nigs Shafting bearings Lubrication Step bear- ings Machine tool bearings Balance of working parts Thrust bearings Michell bearings Lubricants Low and high pressiu-e systems Oil pumps Oilers (hand) Oilers (mechanical) Greasers and grease guns Dnp feeds Ring oilers Oil indicators White metal Bronze Cast iron Stone bearings Oil-less bushes Wear of bearings Cleaning and Tinning Testmg temperatures Mounting bearings and pouring Testing and machinery Oilways and clearance Oil grooves Oil-return grooves and packing Finishing surfaces Scraping and bedding-m bearings Running-in bearings Bearing lubri- cation and protection SECTION XXXI BALL AND ROLLER BEARINGS . PARKER STREET, KINGSWAY, W C.2 BATH, MELBOURNE, TORONTO, NEW YORK 1929 3986 WORKSHOP PRACTICE CONTENTS VOLUME I / TOOLS, CALCULATIONS, DRAWING, METALS (Now ready ) VOLUME II PATTERN MAKING AND FOUNDRY WORK (Now ready ) VOLUME in STEELS, LATHES, SHAPING, PLANING.