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Anthony also learned how to make friends and learn how to communicate with others through basketball.

Anthony says, “Throughout my life, I had difficulties in school because of the way I struggled with words, nouns, verbs, idioms, and even sarcasm.

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The other day I sat down with Emile Hirsch and David Gordon Green here in Los [email protected] of California, Davis: University of California, Irvine: Rowan Rose, [email protected] of California, Los Angeles: Selina Duran, [email protected] of California, Riverside: Kristy Jones, [email protected] of California, San Diego: University of California, Santa Barbara: Stephanie Kuo, [email protected] of California, Santa Cruz: Alexis Chamberlin, Alexis.In our community we’ve seen the amazing impact that sports have had on those with autism.

Today studies show the positive correlation that sports can have to help those with autism leading to improvements in communication, social and cognitive skills.

Eric who was a media intern at Autism Speaks was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of 13.

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