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I try not to feel resentful — not always successfully.'It wasn't as if I wanted to be a millionaire with a swimming pool full of flamingos.

But it transpires that wanting any kind of home or financial security was just a ridiculous notion.'It was the accusation of entitlement from those of her parents' generation that really rankled.'Well, they raised us — so everything wrong with us is either a result of their DNA or their parenting,' says Rebecca.'We're not greedy.

They have done U-turns on university education fees that have left us with massive debts, and wages are stagnant.'We are told we haven't made it if we don't own our own home, yet most millennials can't get on the property ladder and are left paying huge sums to landlords who probably belong to the baby boomer generation and have a nice buy-to-let earning them money on the side.'It is undoubtedly true that baby boomers found it easier to get on the property ladder.

In the Sixties, the average house price was £3,620, around four times the average annual wage of £891.

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Cheryl is certain: 'In my opinion it's the responsibility of parents to help out financially,' she says.'Dad has the means, but his attitude is that it's his money; he earned it and I can do the same.'He won't accept I don't have the opportunities he had. I feel resentful.'The resentment is deepest when Cheryl considers the material divide between them.'When he was my age, my father bought a three-bedroom house.

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So IS this selfish or just good financial planning on the baby boomers' part? Instead of owning her own home, graduate Rebecca is getting by on a meagre salary as a freelance copywriter and renting a 'tiny' one-bedroom flat that she can ill afford.

According to financial expert Jasmine Birtles, millennials are experiencing a 'perfect storm' of rocketing property prices, dwindling pensions and extortionate university fees, set against the background of a financial crash that devastated the job market.'Baby boomers had free university education, affordable housing and guaranteed pensions,' says Birtles, founder of the financial website

'Much of this has been taken from millennials.'Iona Bain, 28, an Oxford University graduate and founder of uk, agrees.'A lot of the older generation have been ruthless in pursuing their own interests and are sitting pretty when it is their responsibility to help the younger generation.'They have brought us up to aim for the absolute best and are now criticising us for that.'They encouraged us to get degrees that are at best ineffective and at worst completely useless.

The millennial lifestyle, revolving (for some at least) around cocktail bars and expensive gadgets, seems decadent to those who remember the struggles of high mortgage interest rates and scrimping to raise a family.

But some argue that the millennials have a point — including acerbic TV presenter Jeremy Paxman, 66, who has attacked his age group for their failure to preserve the privileges they enjoyed for their offspring.'I am part of the most selfish generation in history,' he admitted (and this was before he left his partner for a blonde 30 years his junior).We also recognize that what people want in their 50s, 60s and beyond is often very different from what they wanted in their 30s and 40s, let alone their 20s.

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