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An overweight, middle aged woman visits a matchmaker and finds herself transforming into the ravishing girlfriend of a rich, handsome, surgeon. Things start to go sideways when she takes it upon herself to set her daughter up with a match, too.Belle can’t wait for the college shuttle she’s on to arrive back at her dorm’s stop, her boyfriend is waiting for her and she’s certain he intends to pop the big question.Having a trophy wife was supposed to make things easy and let Derek have a willing partner in the bedroom, but Julia has other ideas now that a few years have gone by. The Broot is once again on the rampage, and this time even the assembled might of every single super-hero on Earth can’t stop him!

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Desperate to finally land a satisfying job, Nicole applied for a position as a flight attendant for Ascendant Airlines.How can Sumner win a game that keeps changing, not just its own rules but the people forced to play it?What happens when loneliness becomes too much for you to bear?Arianna is sent to do an on-site review of the newest Pleasure Bunnies facility: a family friendly water park which secretly houses a nefarious brainwashing center, which is currently setting its sights on two young women.

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In a quest to satisfy the growing market for psychologically-conditioned and physically-enhanced love slaves, The Love Doll company organizes a pleasure cruise for potential recruits—who don’t realize it’s a one-way fare. She has always dreamed of dancing the lead of Swan Lake.

She was quite happy when her application was accepted.