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08-Aug-2017 20:12

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Having convinced himself that his lady had secured all her traveling documents, Alton said he was expecting her to board a flight and head towards the US.

Regrettably, Fati Abdul Rahman started telling all kinds of stories, and rather demanded more money from him.

Also, her face in the passport does not resemble a true Ghanaian lady.

With the suspicion that the lady’s Ghanaian passport could also be a fake one, Alton Graham is wondering how Fati Abdul Rahman was able to cash all the monies he sent to her through the Western Union with the fake passport.

Meanwhile, the following is some of the conversations that took place between Alton Graham and his Ghanaian girlfriend, which we have published unedited.

Cryme says he wants to be in an amorous relationship with.But that does not mean he should not marry or take a girlfriend, despite his predicament.Therefore, when Alton Graham, the war veteran, saw a supposed Ghanaian lady via the internet, he quickly yanked her picture, viewed it, and instantly started to date her for a possible future marriage.For example, Fati Abdul Rahman gave her telephone numbers as 233-324-146-2255/233-324-510-8978/233-324-285-0788, numbers which do not correspond with any telephone number codes in Ghana.

Particulars in Fati’s old Ghanaian passport also indicate that she acquired it on June 8th, 2013, at the time the Passport Office had stopped issuing those passports.

“I think a matured person is more appropriate for me even if she is older than me.