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09-Dec-2017 09:24

The Irish supergroup, who are following in the footsteps of U2, invited Lisa to play with them on their recent UK tour and Gary and Lisa grew very close.

A source close to the band said: "Gary is smitten with Lisa. They've known each other for ages but things only became serious recently.

Anglo-Asian artist Talvin Singh was dropped shortly after his 1999 victory; obscurity has similarly risen up to swallow winners Ms Dynamite (2002), Roni Size (1997) and M People, a disposable soul outfit who controversially got the nod at the height of Britpop in 1994, ahead of Blur's Parklife. It's also hard to get past the fact that Irish nominees tend to be unrepresentative of the overall state of music in the country.

Across the water, Hannigan is already being dismissed as this year's token folk nominee (one UK writer described her as a "truly obscure" nod towards the "moribund sensitive singer-songwriter genre").

Irish indie singer who released the ten-time Platinum-selling hit "O" with Damien Rice in 2002. She was a featured vocalist for Damien Rice on two of his albums.

And all the hoopla over Night On My Side proved a little overwhelming for Hayes -- she came down with writer's block while trying to pen a sequel.

Byline: By STEPHEN MAGUIRE & SEAMUS ROSS SNOW Patrol singer Gary Lightbody has had his heart melted by fellow singer Lisa Hannigan.

The millionaire pop star admitted recently that despite his sexy image, he finds it hard to meet girls.

He said: "I've dated five women in my entire life and there are bits of those experiences in there. "But if there's a chance of happiness, I've always got my finger on the self-destruct button, unfortunately." CAPTION(S): Snow in love..

"But it's taken me three years to understand the last one. Gary Lightbody lead singer of Irish supergroup Snow Patrol; Gorgeous..

For Hannigan, a Mercury nomination represents more than a career boost -- it's a vindication after two years of turmoil and uncertainty.

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