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Highlighting the socio-economic disparity between Hartford and its suburbs, 83% of Hartford's jobs are filled by commuters from neighboring towns who earn over ,000, while 75% of Hartford residents who commute to work in other towns earn just ,000.

Various tribes lived in or around present-day Hartford, all part of the loose Algonquin confederation.

features a male deer which was referred to by the medieval hunting term hart when in full maturity.

The fledgling colony along the Connecticut River was outside of the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Bay Colony's charter and had to determine how it was to be governed.

It was the seat of Hartford County until Connecticut disbanded county government in 1960.

Census Bureau estimates since then have indicated Hartford's fall to fourth place statewide, as a result of sustained population growth in the coastal city of Stamford.

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The Reverend Lyman Beecher was an important Congregational minister known for his anti-slavery sermons.

His daughter Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin; her brother Henry Ward Beecher was a noted clergyman who vehemently opposed slavery and supported the temperance movement and women's suffrage.