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Smith alleged that Douglas flew into jealous rages, called her homophobic slurs and accused her of sleeping with other women.(Smith is besties with Tisha Campbell Martin, who battled lesbian rumors throughout her unsteady acting career.) In retaliation, Douglas filed a restraining order against Smith, requiring her to stay at least two yards away from her while they shared the same residence.She entered the acting world in 1994, appearing in a minor role in a movie titled “Twin Sitters”.She then took another minor part in “Let It Be Me”.The estranged coupled duked it out in court last week with Smith ending up on the losing end.She was ordered to pay nearly ,000 a month in spousal support to Douglas.And then shortly after the pair was seen canoodling at the after party for “Addicted,” where Smith ironically played a therapist, the defecation hit the fan when news spread through Hollywood that there was trouble in paradise.

She tied knot with her prince charming Keith Douglas in December 2010. However the relationship between them could not work properly and ultimately Tasha filed for a divorce citing her husband is cheating her with another woman. There were rumor of her dating Tyler Perry but there is no acute evidence to support it.

We met through her ex-boyfriend who grew up in my neighborhood. She's not even my friend anymore; she's more like my sister. When it was time for me to leave and go to my own class he came to me and said, 'Can I come and work with you?

Liev Schreiber, Jeffrey Wright and Jon Voight have made me fall in love with acting again. I was a substitute teacher in Lance Gross' acting class.

She was so good and so disciplined but the shots and medicines just weren’t enough.

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Every time he would come around her for a while he would leave or she would have to go to work and she would become violently ill, they never could find anything wrong with her.” “I started thinking she was allergic too him.The couple decided to exchange vows after dating for a year. Beautiful Tasha has never taken help of plastic surgery to enhance her look.

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“When you get to be my age and you have gone out on a limb and not been married and settled down and done the traditional things, you have an extended family and friend -ships. In your 20s, you needed a date to have something to do or because you were looking for someone to take care of you. while others cook up Frankenstein’s monster, But veteran daters and those who have escaped the circuit offer these bits of advice. A male friend once shared his dating criteria with me, leaving me slack-jawed and in awe that men and women ever connect.… continue reading »

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Three in four single men and 64% of single women reported that they want more adventure in the bedroom. Anderson says many times the key to good sex is just getting into it."Virtually all men report that having an enthusiastic partner is a turn on and that being with a woman who is not embarrassed or shy about her body or her pleasure, but someone who owns their sexuality and celebrates it that is a huge turn," she says.… continue reading »

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