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18-Sep-2017 05:56

And if your new partner tells you that you’re stupid, or gets angry with you, or deliberately crosses your limits, then they are not showing you the respect you deserve.

Happy and healthy relationships are built on open, honest and respectful communication, and that includes setting appropriate boundaries that make both you and your new dating partner feel comfortable. Call 866-331-9474 or text “loveis” to 22522 to speak with a trained peer advocate about your healthy relationships and boundaries.

This is the task you have to complete before leveling up.

You’ve heard the sentence "No one will ever be able to love you more than you love yourself." Take it from me: This is 100 percent true 100 percent of the time.

If your partner says it and you don’t feel that way yet, it’s okay.

Let them know how it made you feel to hear them say it, and tell them what you want in the relationship.

It’s important to set boundaries for everything, from physical intimacy to the amount of time you spend together to how they can or cannot use your tech devices.

Discussing your wants and needs early in a new relationship helps set the stage for healthy conversations when boundaries start to shift.Communicating with a new dating partner is one of the most exciting experiences of a new relationship.

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