Dating dinner club

30-Jun-2017 13:27

As we move onto home-made tarte tatin, Katie and her guests are remarkably open, proving the adage that it's easier to shed one's armour in front of strangers than among friends.

Katie, who works in Barclay's treasury department in Canary Wharf, confesses how upset she's been about having a hard time at work.

"We no longer read body language as there are no bodies to read." Paradoxically, a website aiming to "drive people off-line", Sixdinnerslater offers "a unique way to meet new people with old-fashioned values in a modern world".

Those old-fashioned values are defined as a need for face-to-face friendship and a love of breaking bread. Surely we didn't need semi-Biblical terms like "breaking bread" to describe people sitting around a dining table?

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So is Sixdinnerslater aimed at high achievers like themselves who might have become too overwhelmed by work to pursue and nurture friendships?

The most established site is family-run, founded 23 years ago, which organises functions from drinks and dinner parties to visits to museums and weekends away, all with "professional hosts" to ensure everyone is introduced.