Consolidating windows domains

16-Oct-2017 07:24

If the cmdlets change data in VMM, you can also view the results in the Administrator Console's jobs view.

There are a couple of ways to create a scheduled task in Windows Server.

IT personnel today spend a lot of time on repetitive tasks to accomplish various jobs.

Power Shell provides a powerful language that can be used to write and execute scripts.

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This triggers the hardware scout to retrieve the data # from the source computer.

New-Machine Config -Source Computer Name "" -Credential $PSCredential $Machine Config = Get-Machine Config | where # Initiate the asynchronous offline P2V operation, using a static # IP Address for the conversion # If a patch file or driver is missing, download the required # patches or driver files to the Patch Import directory on the # VMM server (the default path is New-P2V -Credential $PSCredential -VMHost $VMHost -Path $VMHost.

Listing 8.2 contains the code for cre-ating the HA virtual machine.

Listing 8.2: Creating a new highly available virtual machine # Find the path for the LUN/Disk to host the files for the new HA VM # Make sure this volume is not in use, is a cluster volume # (with cluster resources already created), and is available # for placement# Create the new-vm in an asynchronous way New-VM -VMMServer $c -Name $VMName -Description "new HA VM to learn more about Power Shell" -Owner "vmmdomain\administrator" -VMHost $targethost -Path $targetpath -Hardware Profile $Hardware Profile -Job Group $Job Group ID -Run Asynchronously -Operating System $Operating System -Run As System -Start Action Never Auto Turn On VM -Stop Action Save VM VMM makes consolidating old servers a breeze with a simple wizard for converting physical servers (also known as Physical to Virtual (P2V) conversion).

If you combine that with the ability to integrate with .

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