Christian dating minnesota widow

20-Jun-2017 12:49

After that, I knew I had to read this book and stayed up almost the whole night as I read chapter after chapter and just sobbed.Finally someone who understood me and could give some Christian advice that I could really take to heart.Our husbands both entered heaven on the wings of Lou Gehrig’s disease, April 21, different years, Bob in 2006, Eric in 2010. A few months later, I remembered I had written down the book she had written and thought maybe I should get the book to read. When the book arrived, I let it sit on my counter for a while.When I finally picked up the book to read it, I read the first page and saw that her husband died April 21 exactly four years prior to my husband and then learned it was from the same disease.Mostly that joy comes from the fact that we will meet Him face to face when we exit to heaven but also that we will see our loved ones again who believed in Him.The weekend we prepared for Eric’s funeral, I felt the Lord lift a heavy burden from me that told me I was going to get through this.I was so blessed to meet her and talk more about our journeys and we quickly became long distance, dear friends though the mutual bond we share.

I had neglected my health some while taking care of Eric so I started to focus on getting healthy.

Over our coffee she encouraged me hugely, and her words again reminded me that in God’s plan, no crisis is without abundant blessing.