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Back to the 'nitty-gritty' just think how useful it would be if these servers could decide for themselves that the website you entered wasn't a suitable site for children or perhaps they knew the website you are trying to view would allow you to download or share music illegally, they might just be able to prevent them from loading on your computer, the truth is they can although as I mentioned only one UK internet service provider actually promotes this service although you have to purchase one of their business class routers to do this.

Alternatively you can opt to use a FREE internet content filtering service provided by an organisation in the US called 'Open DNS'. 'Open DNS' FREE content filtering gives you the power to block more than 50 categories of websites such as; music and video file sharing, adult content and chatrooms.

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I would recommend internet content filtering from a company called OPENDNS IT'S COMPLETELY FREE and WILL block over 50 types of websites on any device connected to your router whether it's a Laptop, Desktop PC, Playstation 3, Wii or i Pod Touch - I could go on...Parental controls software in my opinion is simply a waste of time.Do you really want to spend hours installing the software or configuring it on every single computer in your home?Look out for the link, watch the video and give it a try - ITS FREE you've nothing to lose - If you need any help give me a shout.

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I've lost count of the amount of people I've set it up for.Back in the day before 'Google,' or 'Alta-Vista' for the true internet veterans if you wanted to know how to find a plumber, taxi or an available NHS dentist you would open up your hefty man-sized copy of the yellow pages, you might then look through it until you found someone suitable and when you did you would have probably got in-touch with them using the telephone number listed, remember? You open up a web browser type in a website address and then as if by magic it appears on your screen. It does this by having a group of servers that work similar to you searching through the yellow pages, it searches until it finds the site you want say Parenting advice and information in your local area - Netmums then 'hey presto' it points you to where its located on the internet and promptly downloads it onto your screen.