Cam sex on playstation 3

28-Sep-2017 18:20

If you don't know much about camming, the concept is similar to streaming on Twitch -- only instead of playing a game, the performer, usually a woman, gets naked.But like streaming, camming is also about much more than that."If my viewers want to come and hang out while I stream," she says, "they know it's just for a good time and I don't expect anything from them but their company." Morbid doesn't currently monetise her stream but her viewers frequently suggest she does, and she hopes to be partnered with Twitch someday.In Monroe's estimation, most of her Twitch followers come from the audience she built while camming.Camming sites generally act as intermediaries for all transactions and have strict rules for refunds, meaning that chargebacks -- in which viewers send money then request it back -- are uncommon.

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This is fairly common for sites that deal in pornographic content and are concerned about the legality of what they're hosting.The platform itself is owned by someone else, and that proprietor makes money off ads and transaction cuts.Twitch and cam sites are only becoming more similar over time. Users buy tokens in advance and can then award them to performers as tips in public chats, or spend them on public or private shows.Twitch's predecessor,, didn't launch until 2007.

And since those early days, platforms have sprung up to streamline the setup, viewing and payment processes on camming sites, making things easier for both performers and audiences in exchange for a cut of all transactions.This contrasts with the more risqué outfits and darker makeup she wears while camming.