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10-Jun-2017 21:38

Download: Smacktive on i OS | Android We Go Do connects you to nearby people interested in the same hobbies and activities as you.

Search for people with like interests using the app categories like “Urban Exploring,” “Mountain Biking” or even, simply, “Dogs.”What distinguishes this meetup service from other, similar ones is the social media-like experience it offers.

Each city’s page includes upcoming events and photos from past events, as well as classifieds and message boards.

These groups include nonprofits, churches and university clubs.

MEETin declares its mission simply as “make friends in the real world.” It’s run by volunteers and is completely free to use.

While MEETin lacks the flash and extensive features of sites like Meetup and Groupspaces, it’s easy to find your city listed in alphabetical order on the left side of the site.

Especially if your hobbies include staying in shape or eating well, surrounding yourself with others who want to do the same can be a great motivator.

Here are six websites and apps that can help you take the plunge and start making new friends who share your interests:“Find your people” is Meetup’s slogan, and the site delivers on this promise.

Smacktive gives you updates on the number of Smacktive users who are currently in your area, as well as the number of activities you can join in on nearby.

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