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08-Oct-2017 18:24

' The lion stared angrily at the visitors with eyes like coals, the bear growled, the bull snorted and the boar whetted his tusks ferociously against the stone flags of the floor.His beard was grey and his hair hung loose about his chest.You will leave this place the victims of an assault, be sure of that!Cease your joking and take this message at once, or we will tear down these gates by force!Let them in.' Bishop Baldwin and the two knights were brought into the hall where they were shocked and surprised to see four wild animals lying on the floor around the fire.He had broad cheeks, an enormous face and a nose to match.

Then we shall go out into the forest to hunt the deer, for the stags have been feeding on the grass all summer and it is time for us to go and disturb their peace!

The four beasts fell down at once onto their haunches and crept beneath a table, terrified of the Carle's stern command.

The Carle stared at his visitors with a fierce and unwavering gaze.

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Noblemen blew their hunting horns as the game began to gallop in a broad line across the forest, both hinds and stags.

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