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I purchased 10 of these blankets to be re-purposed as dog beds for my business.

I usually purchase about 100 of these blankets a year, so I expect some wear and tear. I'm glad that I read the previous reviews and got a size smaller.

Once I found my size in liners and trousers to match, I was in G. But they are built of the same durable cloth that I know well in the jackets, the field pants fit over your regular pants, so don't be surprised if your order seems extra large when you receive them.

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I was extremely disappointed upon receiving the jacket. The jacket came inn rolled up into a ball, as if someone had no care in the world the amount of money any customer paid for it, no official product tags were attached to the jacket.

I ordered mine to store batteries for my radio control electric planes.

I needed a large, secure and fireproof box, since the lithium-polymer batteries which have become so popular for powering electric planes are sometimes prone to swell up or burst into flame at up to 2000 degrees F, so they're not the kind of thing to store near flammable materials or leave unprotected in a vehicle.

Compared to the the cross-town rival Alpha Industries CWU-45 which is made off cowhide with loose waist band and sleeve cuffs. Field trousers to go along with a field jacket, how nice.

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I was not entirely aware that these were even MADE until I got a glimpse of the trouser liners for sale elsewhere, then a light went off! I've had field jackets for years, and I know that the liners make ALL the difference, and so it is with these trousers.

To this end, they fill their role outstandingly well.